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Get your tasks and work done above the ground safely and efficiently. DuraBoom offers a diverse range of boom lift rental units in Malaysia. Take advantage of our competitive rates and flexible leasing options today!

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Working on elevated space is dangerous and complicated. In order to accomplish your tasks, you need to get the right kind of equipment. Hence, investing in a reliable boom lift rental in Bandar Utama is necessary for your business.

DuraBoom is a leading access equipment provider in Malaysia that offers affordable but quality manlifts for commercial and industrial applications. Our business is all about helping clients reach their full potential through our equipment and services.

Boom Lift Rentals & Sales in Bandar Utama

As a leading supplier of aerial work platforms in Malaysia, we always want the best for our clients, which is why we invest in quality aerial work platforms that can address the needs of every worker working above the ground.

Apart from providing the equipment, we also offer boom lift repair and maintenance service to ensure the functionality and integrity of your manlifts. With DuraBoom, working above the ground is a cinch.

Our wide range of boom lift equipment includes:


12 m boom lift


19 m boom lift


20 m boom lift


27 m boom lift


35 m boom lift


36 m boom lift


45 m boom lift


50 m boom lift

Reliable Boom Lift Rental Service in Malaysia

As a supplier working in this industry for years, we have been serving clients and communities by providing top-notch manlifts to uplift their business, and we do not intend to stop. We will continue to be of service to customers and keep our inventory updated to cater to the aerial work platform needs of our clients.

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